Links & Resources

Presentation by Harold Robinson at the 2018 Annual General Meeting - friends of ICPM were fortunate to hear a powerful and heartfelt presentation from Harold Robinson, LLB on Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation at the Annual General Meeting on March 21, 2018.  Harold is a former Residential Schools claims adjudicator.  Click here to access a Powerpoint copy of Harold’s presentation.

Indian Horse – this is a movie based on Richard Wagamese’s novel of the same name.  In the novel Saul Indian Horse is forcibly removed in the late 1950′s from his Ojibway family and placed in an Indian Residential School.  He experiences terrible abuse and turns to hockey as an escape from his awful situation.  Saul quickly develops into a very talented player who goes on to play professionally.  But as an adult Saul can’t forget his painful past, which threatens to derail his promising career.  Click here to access a trailer of this movie.

Treaty 6 – there are many references to Treaty 6 in the news and at events these days.  There are a diversity of views on the nature and meaning of the terms of the Treaty.  Click here to access a copy of Treaty 6 so that you can read it for yourself, and help to increase your understanding of this important document.

Blanket Exercise – our Oskapewis, Michelle Nieviadomy conducts the KAIROS Canada Blanket Exercise for faith communities as part of our Indigenous ministry, and as part of our efforts to engage in reconciliation ministry in response to the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  Click here to watch a short video of a Blanket Exercise led by Michelle at Hosanna Lutheran Church in Edmonton on October 15th, 2017.

ICPM’s Oskapewis Position – a profile article of Michelle Nieviadomy, our Oskapewis, appeared in the November, 2015 edition of Alberta Sweetgrass, a publication of the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society, which is an independent Aboriginal communications society dedicated to serving the needs of Aboriginal people throughout Canada. Click here to read the article.

Indigenous McCauley – this is a recently published history and contemporary overview of First Nations and Metis life in the McCauley neighbourhood in the inner city of Edmonton written by Marilyn Dumont, with editing and photos by Paula Kirman. Click here to access the publication.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission – the Commission’s website is still in active service, and contains not only the Final Report of the Commission that was released in December, 2015 but also many valuable resources for information and discussion. Click here to access the Commission’s website.

Rotary Aboriginal Partnership – the Rotary Aboriginal Initiative is a project of District 5370 of the Rotary organization with the goal of building partnerships with Aboriginal groups and raising awareness of the realities facing Aboriginal persons and seeking to support groups and agencies in dealing with social issues facing the Aboriginal community. Click here to access a pamphlet on the Partnership and for more information on how to participate.