Congregational Resources

There are roughly 90 congregations, parishes, faith groups and organizations that provide direct support to ICPM by providing volunteers and food for the Sunday worship services and meals that are provided each Sunday at the Bissell Centre West building.  We are grateful for the support and interest from the congregations and groups that provide these vital elements of our ministry.

The intention of this part of our site is to provide ideas and materials for congregations that are already part of our ministry network that are looking for additional ways to support ICPM and for groups and parishes or individuals that are looking to become involved with our ministry for the first time.  We hope that you will find the links and resources on this page to be helpful, and we welcome any comments, questions or suggestions that you might have.

Sunday Lunch Information and Checklist - ICPM is very grateful for the many volunteers that come from the more than 100 churches, synagogues and other faith and community groups that come together every Sunday of the year to provide a nutritious lunch after the Community of Emmanuel worship service held at the Bissell Centre West (10530 – 96th Street).  We couldn’t do it without you!

There is a lot of work required to put on a full lunch for 300 people!  From the many different elements of the food and beverages that we serve, to the way to volunteers are to assist, there is lots to learn and absorb.  Many of the volunteers have done this several times before, but there are always lots of first time volunteers among the groups that come every Sunday to serve.

For a checklist brochure for the Sunday Lunch program and information on the food elements and volunteer duties please click here.

Tips for Congregational CoordinatorsA key part of the Sunday ministry of ICPM is the hard work and support of the coordinators in each of the churches, synagogues and other faith and community groups that provide the volunteers and food for the Community of Emmanuel worship service and lunch held at the Bissell Centre West (10530 – 96th Street).  Our coordinators organize the provision of food and the recruitment of volunteers for the Sunday that their church or group is serving on.  They also act as a liaison to the ICPM Board and staff, providing valuable input and feedback on their experiences.

For an information brochure for “Tips” for congregational coordinators for both before and after the Sunday Lunch program please click here.

Loose Offering SundayWhat is it?  On the Sunday that a congregation/parish is serving at the Sunday service and lunch the loose offering from that Sunday’s worship service in the congregation/parish will be designated to be given to ICPM.

Why?  To provide a source of financial support for the ministry of ICPM.  To provide a giving opportunity for individual congregational members to provide direct support to ICPM.  To build a bridge from the congregational volunteers serving at the Bissell Centre back to those members of the congregation not able to serve at the Centre, and thereby unite the full congregation in the ministry of ICPM on that Sunday.

There are currently about ten congregations from our roster that hold Loose Offering Sundays.  One of our supporting congregations has been holding the Sundays for several years, and they receive in the range of $500.00 to $600.00 in the loose offering on the designated Sunday.  Not only does this provide a great financial boost to our ministry, but it also helps to generate a much greater awareness within a congregation of ICPM and the ministry of presence that we provide in the inner city.  Members of the congregation become much more than just passive observers of the ministry of ICPM.  They become active participants.

For more information and materials on how you can start a Loose Offering Sunday in your congregation, parish or group please click on the following links:

Information Outline: (.pdf) (.doc)
Sample Newsletter Article: (.pdf) (.doc)
Sample Bulletin Notices: (.pdf) (.doc)
Sample Poster To Publicize The Event: (.pdf) (.doc)

Exploring Social Justice Workshops - Have you ever wondered about the circumstances that have brought individuals and families living in the inner city to their current situations?  Many of our volunteers have expressed a desire to do more to provide assistance beyond participating in the Sunday morning service and lunch.  Under the direction and leadership of our Pastoral Associate, Jim Gurnett, ICPM has developed a workshop program for our faith communities and volunteer organizations to explore how they can participate in social justice issues.

Jim Gurnett has a background of several decades of involvement in social justice within faith communities and the broader community.  Issues of focus for him have included immigration, refugees, poverty, homelessness and the environment.  The workshops led by Jim consist of a two-four hour period and cover topics such as how to do social analysis of an issue, how to develop a plan for appropriate action that will make a difference and how to evaluate your action.

For more information on the content of the workshops and to contact Jim to discuss setting up a workshop for your congregation or group please click here.

Our Common Ground - Inner City Pastoral Ministry is honoured to worship and walk with the Indigenous peoples of this land.  We are all in a time of reconciliation with our sisters and brothers in the Indigenous communities.  In order to create opportunities to share in the common ground that we all have together as human beings, ICPM is offering workshops for your faith community led by ICPM”s Indigenous helper, Michelle Nieviadomy.

Michelle gives a Cree woman’s perspective on truth telling, healing and reconciliation.  Her workshops can cover such topics as residential schools, the 60′s scoop, lived experiences of racism, non-Indigenous awakening to reconciliation and healing and responding to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

For more information on the content of the workshops and to contact Michelle to discuss setting up a workshop for your congregation or group please click here.