How Can You Help?

Pray - Include the people of the inner city, the staff of ICPM and other agencies and volunteers in your personal prayers and in the prayers of your congregation.

Worship – Join with the Emmanual community whenever you are able.

Prepare lunch - Involve your parish or congregation in the preparation of lunch one Sunday (or more!) each year. You can share a Sunday with another church.  For more information please email

Offer to serve on the Board – Contact the ICPM office if you wish to be considered for service on the Board.

Donate to ICPM – Encourage your church to include a donation to ICPM as a line item in its budget. ICPM pastoral staff are working in the inner city on your behalf. Make a personal donation for the ministry of ICPM once, twice (or more) per year.

Now you can donate to ICPM quickly and easily online two ways, you can E TRANSFER to (Please put your name and address in the transfer message in order to receive a charitable donation receipt) or
Go to (search Inner City Pastoral Ministry) or
You can mail a cheque directly to the office. The cheque should be made payable to Inner City Pastoral Ministry and mailed to Inner City Pastoral Ministry, c/o Bissell Centre, 10527 – 96 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5H 2H6.

All donations are much appreciated and donors receive a tax receipt.

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