How Can You Help?

Pray - Include the people of the inner city, the staff of ICPM and other agencies and volunteers in your personal prayers and in the prayers of your congregation.

Worship – Join with the Emmanual community whenever you are able.

Prepare lunch – Involve your parish or congregation in the preparation of lunch one Sunday (or more!) each year. You can share a Sunday with another church.

Offer to serve on the Board – Contact the ICPM office if you wish to be considered for service on the Board.

Donate to ICPM – Encourage your church to include a donation to ICPM as a line item in its budget. ICPM pastoral staff are working in the inner city on your behalf. Make a personal donation for the ministry of ICPM once, twice (or more) per year.

Now you can donate to ICPM quickly and easily online!
Go to (search Inner City Pastoral Ministry).
All donations are much appreciated and donors receive a tax receipt.

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