Values, Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement

Inner City Pastoral Ministry is an interdenominational Christian Ministry of Presence.
In partnership with the community, and guided by the spirit of God,
we walk with the people of the Inner City of Edmonton.

Core Values

* A Ministry of Presence where “being there” is primary.
* The acceptance of and respect for everyone to whom it ministers.
* The emphasis on healing in all situations and relationships.
* The expression of the Christian Gospel in terms of the inner city experience.
* The honouring of Aboriginal and diverse cultures and spiritualities.
* Cooperation with ecumenical and community partners.
* The building of relationships of trust in the network of inner city ministries and agencies.
* An efficiently based mission, free from major tasks involving a building, programs, and fund-raising.
* The recruiting of volunteers first from the inner city community, and then from supporting religious bodies and community groups.
* The offering of pastoral care to all who are involved in the ministry.

Core Goal and Objectives

The goal of ICPM is the proclamation of the Christian Gospel by word and deed in the Inner City of Edmonton.

Specifically, this is attempted through the following:

  • Providing worship services without regard to racial origin or lifestyle. The services are to follow the style of the incumbent minister and include frequent celebrations of Holy Communion.
  • Providing pastoral care through counseling, visitation, and social concern.
  • Giving personal support to victims of social injustice and guiding them to appropriate agencies.
  • Involving supporting churches and their congregations in the ongoing work of ICPM through opportunities to serve Sunday lunches, to attend and share in weekly worship services, and to respond to special needs at the invitation of the Pastor.
  • Being the voice of the Inner City back through sponsoring denominations.

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